Best Bridal Makeup Salons in Islamabad

Plan your Perfect Shadi and in this Wedding Season, every wedding in Islamabad has its grace. No doubt, the Makeup Salons are also in very high demand, especially for the Bridal Makeup. From Perfect Make-up to Pocket-Friendly Cost and Experienced Staff, everything is important. For instance, there are many great and well-known salons available in Islamabad, which offer a good and experienced staff with excellent products, so we have shortlisted a few for you.

Bridal Makeup Salons in Islamabad

Sadaf Farhan Bridal Studio and Salon

Who doesn’t like great and perfect make-up for the bride?

Sadaf Farhan is one of the most talented make-up artists in Islamabad. One of the Well-known Salons yet slightly expensive salon, who assures the complete satisfaction of the Customer. Situated in the middle of the city, nearest to both of the twin cities and at the prime location. Highly Experienced Staff and Internationally Trained MUA, Hair Stylists and Hair Dressers. 

Sadaf Farhan Salon owns a great reputation in the market, highly recognized and professional behaviour toward the client. The Salon is located in the F-7, Islamabad Territory. And Offers all kinds of makeup, hair styling and cutting with Spa and Facial. Not only this, but this Salon also offers photoshoots and studio works for professional pictures and videography.

Bia’s Salon and Bridal Studio

Bia’s Hair Salon is one of the famous salons of the town, with less costing and quality services all over the town. Bia’s Salon offers Professionally Trained Staff and Hair Dressers. Facials and Spas are available at a very inexpensive cost.


Just Ring a Call and book your next appointment to the Bia’s, the Parlour is run by an Internationally recognised Hair Dresser, who assures you to complete all needs for your hairs to look perfect. Providing you with all kinds of massages and spas, with cuts, colouring, dying of hairs, styling and skin-care treatments.

Allure Spa and Salon

Are you looking for Good Spa, Facial and Bridal Make-up all in one place? Allure Salon offers the highest quality services with excellent Staff. Professional Workers, and Currently one of the best and economical Salons in Islamabad who offers Bridal Makeup. 

High Professional Hair Stylists give you a quality treatment, making you one of the beautiful brides.

Jana Salons

The Salon is located in one of the dense areas of the city, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad. The Salon shows highly professional behaviour and leaves a very remarkable gesture to the client. No Doubt, this Salon is also praised for its Cleanliness and Hygienic. 

The Salon also charges reasonably and offers all kinds of Bridal Make-Up. Just Pickup your phone and ring a bell to book the appointment. Internationally Standard Make-Up Items with all kinds of safety standards, with very friendly behaviour. Hairdressers are incredibly experienced and available to serve you their best. 

There were some of the best and exceptionally decent Makeup Salons for Bridal Makeup. Depending upon the services, quality standards and pocket-friendly. These salons can help your bride to look from Beautiful to Perfect.